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Spiderweb Balloon Craft


I wanted to share this amazingly simple and fun Halloween craft to do with your family or school kids. The directions couldn’t be easier and you can really take this idea and tweak it a million different ways to suit your decorating needs. With little ones in the house, I have been forced to tame the dark and scary decorations , so I chose to keep it classic white. My 2-year-old loved making this craft and he calls them his spider family. Some other variations include spraying the finished spiderweb with glow in the dark paint, adding glitter glue to make it sparkle, and of course using a variety of colors. I will make some more in different sizes to¬†create a grouping and hang them from different heights. Here are the directions:

  • Inflate a balloon and hang it above your table . I used a chandelier to hang my balloon.
  • Pour white glue out on a paper plate. Put newspaper under the balloon.
  • Dip yarn of your choice into the glue and squeeze it through your fingers to remove excess. It should still be coated with adequate glue.
  • Place the glue covered yarn onto the balloon in a random fashion overlapping until you are happy with how it looks.
  • Let It dry overnight .
  • Pop the balloon and remove the balloon pieces.
  • Marvel at your masterpiece and then hang it with toy spiders attached to the web.