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Elf On The Shelf Printable Jokes


Printable jokes

I am having too much Christmas fun with our Elf On The Shelf “Mo Mo”. The children look for him every morning and look inside his secret elf door for notes or evidence of his coming and goings. While surfing the creative wonders of Pinterest, I came across these wonderfull printable jokes for the children that the elf can leave for them in the morning . You can find them free for your personal downlaod over at Over The Big Moon . I have also created a printable Naughty or Nice report card that I will post tomorrow, but in the meantime, go ahead and print these jokes from your elf.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas – Make An Elf Door


Every year our Elf On The Shelf comes to visit after Thanksgiving. The children become so excited guessing where he will be every morning. I have really done my homework this year by finding some great Elf ideas on Pinterest. I will post some of them later. For now I wanted to share a simple way you can take your family’s Elf experience to the next level.

FInally there is a way to answer the nagging question of how Santa’s scout elf returns to the North Pole every night to report on the children’s behaviour. An Elf Door of course!

You can buy a dollhouse door from any hobby shop (I bought mine at AC Moore). In the Christmas aisle there are many mini wreaths and decorations you can get to customize the look. Simply paint the door and glue gun on decorations of your choice. You can even put a mini door sign or mailbox next to the door. If you have little kids, just attach with double stick tape or command strips for easy removal. i chose to use little nails to be sure it would stay put. I have 2 boys that I knew would not rest until they got the door open, so I decided to leave it able to swing back and forth. Of course they only see a wall behind the door, but I told them that only the elf can open the passageway. This is a great addition to the elf experience and I promise it will blow their minds! I actually tucked a mini note in the door last night. I am sure they will discover it afterschool today.