Two crafty, cool  friends… Moms. We  live in different time zones, but we still share our love to create. Before we started our blog, we were constantly calling each other with the usual dramas of motherhood, but mostly about our latest party we threw, room we had redecorated, or craft we had made.

We are all very busy, whether it’s our kids, job, husbands, or something else. We like to share our DIY projects, tutorials, and ideas for inspiration to all of you that, like us, need  to find a little time for ourselves to express our creative side. We don’t claim to be the “Ultimate Craft Moms” , we just know how rewarding it feels to create something truly special and unique for yourself or loved ones.

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Here is a little info about the two of us:

My name is Angie and I currently live in sunny  Palm Beach , Florida. As a stay at home mom, I am kept busy TRYING to raise my two little boys to be perfect gentlemen, having dinner on the table for when my husband gets home and picking up legos from absolutely everywhere. Oh and I am always in the middle of finishing the dozen or so craft or decor projects I have started. I have a background in Graphic Art & Design. I currently have two shops on Etsy and enjoy designing colorful wall art and party printables. You can see my shops on Etsy here Happy Brat and here Party Time Printables .

Hello, I’m Jessica and I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Currently, I am taking a break from my career as an architect while I enjoy time with my little boy and my baby girl.  I am a stay at home mom, but am hardly ever at home. My family truly enjoys the outdoors, whether snowboarding or just hiking with the kids and the dogs. Life can move pretty fast and I like to take time with the family and enjoy it all. I truly love sewing, creating art, & all things design. You can see what my latest creations are at my Etsy shops Soubelles and Bella & Teo . If that doesn’t seem like enough to keep me busy, our whole family pitches in to create our gourmet ice pops. Our gourmet ice pops, Aiko Pops, are the original popsicle of Denver and we personally make each delicious one.

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