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Felt Applique Tutorial – How to Make Felt Appliques


I love to make cute felt appliques to add a special touch to my kids tee shirts or pants. I have honestly tried every way possible to make them and I feel i have mastered the whole process well enough to share it with you.

For this felt applique tutorial I will be making Halloween appliques. This year my family is being The Frankensteins, so I decided to make us a a set of “The Bride Of Frankenstein” and “Frankenstein” himself. You can use the craft felt found at Michael’s and Joann Fabrics or polar fleece if you happen to have some in your fabric scrap pile. These Fabrics do not fray so you are good to go once your shapes are cut out . Of course, there are many ways to make a felt applique,  but for this project I chose to use a hand cut template I drew myself and then fabric glue to attach them to the fabric. Yes, I know ALL about using fusible web….but they really don’t last more than one trip in the washing machine. If you go the Heat ‘n Bond fusible web route, you really have to sew the whole applique down to the fabric after you iron it on. I have tried about five different highly recommended fabric glues over the years and the winner is Aleene’s Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue. It is non toxic, stays put through machine washing, and leaves your applique soft and pliable once dry. A lot of the other ones dry to a stiff board texture and can feel and look too stiff, especially on a kids shirt. If you need a more rigid applique for your particular project then I suggest Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. Both glues are pictured above.

After you have set aside your different color felts, you will need to print the following full size templates. This is the actual scan of my felt shapes and the  easiest method is to print theses on sticker paper.

Next, cut out the stickers and place them on the back of the matching color felt. Now, you have an easy sticker template attached to your felt. Grab your favorite scissors and cut out your shapes.

Before glueing your felt applique onto your fabric you will need to protect the inside of it with a sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap. This will prevent any fabric glue from soaking through to the back of the tee-shirt, etc. Use a light coat of fabric glue on the back of your felt pieces and lightly pat them into place on your fabric. Once the entire applique is glued down, set it aside in a flat dry place for 24 hours. This method is great for anytime of the year and I hope you enjoy the Halloween templates.

Smart Scissors – Must Have Craft Tool


The first thing I thought when I saw these amazing scissors was “I have to get these!” . I don’t think I have ever used scissors without needing tape, I mean they go together like peanut butter and jelly. I am not saying you are going to replace your sewing scissors with these, but wrapping a present or doing a project with the kids will surely be made more convenient by these. This is definitely one nifty tool for any craft mom and with gift season quickly approaching us, I might be wrapping a few for presents. You can get yourself a pair of Scissortape here , where they have a lot of clever and playful items to browse. They even have a holiday edition with colorful tape.

How To Make Apple Candles


Make a beautiful arrangement straight from nature or add a unique accent to your existing Fall decor. This craft couldn’t be simpler and the end result is so rewarding! All you need to do is take your candle or votive and trace the shape onto your fruit. Take a knife and carve out the shape you traced. All that is left to do is scoop out to the depth of your candle and place it inside. This also works well with any fruits or vegetables, like mini pumpkins, gourds, or pears.